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See the latest slides from the WAC press conference at MWC 2011.

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Wholesale Applications Community Announces Commercial Launch at Mobile World Congress 2011
14 Feb 2011
Mobile Application Developer Alliance Delivers WAC-Powered Storefronts, WAC-Compliant Handsets and...
Wholesale Applications Community Grows as 10 New Members Join the Open Applications Initiative
09 Feb 2011
Wholesale Applications Community Grows as 10 New Members Join the Open Applications Initiative ...
WAC and JIL website changes
17 Dec 2010
Following the merger of WAC with the Joint Innovation Lab earlier in 2010, we have now aligned our...
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Welcome to the WAC developer website


This website is for developers wanting to develop web applications and distribute them through the Wholesale Application Community (WAC) to a large number of applications stores within the mobile industry.

Using the resources on the site you?ll be able to:

  • Develop a web app using WAC technology
  • Submit your app to the WAC distribution platform
  • Commercialise your app with the WAC member Application Stores connected to the platform

Take a look around the site and become familiar with the tools and opportunities available.




If you understand HTML and CSS to design a good looking website and have used JavaScript to create functionality and services for a user, you'll be writing a WAC app in no time.

  • Download our SDK, take a look at our specifications and get creative
  • Find out about WAC 1.0 and discover the functionality of the forthcoming WAC 2.0
  • Use the Device APIs to enhance your web apps
  • Using your knowledge of HTML, web standards and a few of the WAC device APIs, you can create great web apps to run on the WAC enabled web runtimes available


If you're interested in having apps distributed and commercialised in the leading App Stores within the mobile industry, through WAC is the way to do it.

  • Find out about the distribution channels for your web apps
  • Once developed, upload them onto the WAC platform
  • Understand the commercial arrangements we have with the App Stores

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