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WAC Payment API

With WAC's Payment API, your customers can make in-app purchases within your mobile or web application that are simply included on the customer's monthly billing from their mobile service operator. Then, the operator pays you.

Easy to use mobile payment user experience drives higher conversion rates in just a few clicks

The WAC Payment API delivers a simple, easy-to-use mobile payment experience for your customers across both fixed and mobile networks. Furthermore it is unified across mobile devices, tablets and computers. Experience has shown that operator billing has 2 to 3 times higher conversion than debit and credit cards. With just a few clicks, the mobile payment experience can drive higher conversions than credit card and Premium SMS and gives access to users who may not have or want to use credit cards.



WAC unifies connectivity to mobile operators globaly which gives you much higher Reach

When you connect through WAC you reduce your integration and connectivity costs while quickening your time to market and gaining exposure to a much bigger audience globally. With a bigger audience and higher conversion rates from the mobile payment user experience you can expect to increase your revenues while reducing your costs.





Acceptance and trust in mobile billing increases conversion rates

WAC's mobile payment user experience includes the mobile network logo and research shows that this reinforces the trust consumers have in the payment process and increases their acceptance of mobile payments. WAC provides fraud and risk management while ensuring the process is secure.






Reduce your time to market and drive down integration costs

WAC simplifies the work required for developers by providing a single common interface, toolset, SDK and developer support. You only have to write your code once to access multiple global mobile operator APIs and billing capability. All of this common interface and tool set is governed by a single business relationship with unified terms and conditions across all the mobile operators that WAC connects to.

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