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WAC 2.0 Proposed Release Version (PRV)

28 January 2011

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This Proposed Release is the new WAC terminal specification. It follows and obsoletes the Waikiki Developer & Beta Releases and it was drafted considering feedback received from the community after their publication.

This version already has WAC Ltd. Endorsement.


This release is based on Waikiki Beta Release. It has the status of "Proposed Release Version". This means that it has appropriate technical integrity and completeness and that it has WAC endorsement. Developers, implementors and other external organisations can base their work on this version knowing that their work will remain valid.

This document may be updated with minor changes or additional details but the functional scope of the document will not be altered.


This version obsoletes the WAC Waikiki Beta Relase published on 23 November 2010.

Waikiki Developer ReleaseDR30 September 2010Initial Publication
Waikiki Beta ReleaseBR23 November 2010WAC Terminal Technology WorkStream reviewed public feedbacks. Specification was moved to Beta Release stage.
WAC 2.0 Proposed Release VersionPRV28 January 2011Specification checked and verified.

WAC 2.0 Proposed Release

The WAC WAC 2.0 Proposed Release is composed of the following documents.

Core Specifications

Document Description
Introduction Core Specification: Introduction and References
Web Standards Core Specification: WAC Web Runtime support of Web content standards
Widget Security and Privacy Core Specification: Security and privacy related requirements for WAC Web Runtime processing of widgets.
Widget Lifecycle Core Specification: WAC Web Runtime processing of widgets throughout the widget lifecycle
Widget Runtime Core Specification: WAC Web Runtime general requirements
XML Schemas The precise syntactic definition of the schemas for XML assets defined and used by WAC
Default Security Policy The default security policy specified in XML format

Device APIs

Document Description
Introduction Introduction to WAC Device APIs.
The deviceapis module The base object for accessing WAC Device APIs.
The accelerometer module API that allows using the device accelerometer sensor.
The orientation module API that allows using the device orientation sensor.
The camera module API that enables capturing media through the device camera.
The devicestatus module API that provides access to the device status information.
The filesystem module API that allows accessing the device file system.
The messaging module API that allows message sending and retrieval.
The geolocation module API that exposes the device location (as specified in W3C).
The pim module API that exposes the different PIM (Personal Information Management) functionalities.
The contact module API that enables the management of contact information.
The calendar module API that enables the management of calendar information.
The task module API that enables the management of task information.
The deviceinteration module API that enables the interaction with the end user through different device capabilities.
The vocabulary for the device status module Describes a vocabulary with the system information available through the device status API.
WebIDL Definition Full WebIDL definition of all the objects specified by WAC.
Guidelines and Patterns for API Definition Patterns and guidelines that all the APIs in WAC follow.

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